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CISR Mission


The Center for Invasive Species Research Mission

The Center for Invasive Species Research based on the University of California Riverside Campus provides a forward-looking approach to managing invasions in California by exotic pests and diseases.

The long-term goal of the Center for Invasive Species Research is to develop a systematic methodology for dealing with such exotic pests in areas of: (a) risk assessment; (b) early detection and invasion pathway analysis; (c) rapid development of control or eradication measures; (d) improved Integrated Pest Management practices through biological, microbial, genetic, and chemical practices; (e) better understanding of patterns and processes facilitating invasion success and failure, and (f), in the longer term, exploring the possibilities of transgenic biological manipulations to control or eradicate invasive species.

A major component of the Center's efforts will relate to the economic, ecological, and sociological effects of exotic pest introductions on the well being of the burgeoning demography of California. An important role of the Center is to foster cooperation and coordination of research efforts among the UC campuses, USDA, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), conservation organizations (e.g., California Invasive Plants Council), and the agricultural industry. Several Departments at UC Riverside are well positioned to train graduate students in all aspects of invasive pest management and invasion processes. Many faculty currently have active research programs in these areas and have undergraduate and graduate students, along with post-doctoral researchers and research associates working on various projects related to invasive species.


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