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Contributors and Affiliates


Contributors and Affiliates List

Center for Invasive Species Research Contributors and Affiliates

CISR is comprised of top University of California professors and researchers, all are the leading experts in their fields. They provide excellent insight into the invasive species on this site and in their own research labs. These researchers blaze the trail in cutting edge research on Invasive Species.

Gevork Arakelian Gevork Arakelian, Senior Biologist, Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures Department.
J. Ole Becker J. Ole Becker, Cooperative Extension Specialist and Nematologist
Personal Website
Peter Bowler Peter Bowler, Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (SOE)
Personal Website
Bryant Peter J. Bryant, Professor of Biological Sciences at University of California Irvine
Personal Website
Frank Byrne Frank Byrne, Assistant Researcher of Entomology
Daugherty Matt Daugherty, Assistant Extension Specialist
Personal Website
Paul De Ley Paul De Ley, Associate Professor of __Nematology
Personal Website
Ellstrand Norm Ellstrand, Professor of Genetics & Geneticist
Personal Website
Grafton-Cardwell Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell, Extension Specialist of Entomology
KAC Citrus Website
CISR hoddle Mark Hoddle, Extension Specialist and Director of Center for Invasive Species Research
Personal Website
Nic Irvin Nic Irvin, Assistant Specialist of Entomology
Personal Website
Greg Kund Greg Kund, Staff Research Associate
Lawson Andrew Lawson, Associate Professor of Entomology, California State University, Fresno
Jeffrey Lovich Jeffrey Lovich, Research Ecologist, USGS, Southwest Biological Science Center, Flagstaff, Arizona
Milt McGiffen Milt McGiffen, Cooperative Extension__ Vegetable Crops Specialist and Plant Physiologist
Jocelyn Millar Jocelyn Millar, Professor of Entomology
​​​​​​Ivan Milosavljevic
Ivan Milosavljević, Supervisory Project Scientist
Personal Website
Paine Timothy Paine, Professor of Entomology
Tom Perring Tom Perring, Professor of Entomology
Richard Redak Richard Redak, Professor of Entomology and Department Chair
Richard Stouthamer Richard Stouthamer, Professor of Entomology
John Trumble John Trumble, Professor of Entomology
Personal Website
Vetter Richard S. Vetter, Staff Research Associate
Walton William Walton, Professor of Entomology
Personal Website
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