Unsplash Grass with Purple Flower




Plant Invasive Species


CISR fountain_grass_thumb_0
Fountain Grass

African fountain grass, is invasive outside its native range in Northern Africa and has been damaging native ecosystems in Hawaii. It is now an increasingly problematic weed in California. As a common landscape ornamental, it is now widely planted in southwestern states ...


CISR giant_reed_thumb_0
Giant Reed, or Arundo

Arundo is an exceptionally fast growing plant, growing about 4 inches per day and reaching a mature height of 25 feet in about 12 months. An acre of arundo can produce about 25 tons of biomass per acre for each of two annual harvests. The plant is very tolerant of a variety ...


CISR russian_thistle_0
Russian Thistle

Russian thistle, commonly known as tumbleweed, is a profusely branched annual herb. Its efficient taproot, abundant seed production and reduced leaf surface adapt this weed well to disturbed semiarid...


CISR saltsedar_0
Saltcedar or Chinese Tamarisk

Native to Eurasia, several species of saltcedar were introduced to Southern California and Arizona in the early 1800s for ornamental use, bank stabilization, and as windbreaks. Since that time, saltcedar has...


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