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President Obama issues an Executive Order to protect the US from invasive species

12/05/2016. President Obama issued an Executive Order to continue coordinated Federal prevention and control efforts related to invasive species in the US. This order expands the membership of the National Invasive Species Council; clarifies the Council's operations; incorporates considerations of human and environmental health, climate change, technological innovation, and other emerging priorities into Federal efforts to address invasive species. The Executive Order also strengthens coordinated and cost-efficient Federal action to fight invasive species.  Read more on whitehouse.gov or download the PDF


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Entomophagy, or the Eating of Insects

Entomophagy is the technical term for eating insects. Humans have harvested the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of certain insect species from forests or other suitable habitats to eat for thousands of years. This practice is still common in many tropical countries where certain insect species... Read More


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Editorial: "Can Invasiveness Evolve? by Norman Ellstrand

Not all introduced species become successful invaders in their new environments.  Scientists have put considerable effort into trying to predict which introduced species are mostly likely to become invasive. For years invasive species scientists sought to identify biological attributes that help... Read More


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Harry Scott Smith Scholarship Fund

If biological control is to continue to prosper in southern California we need to continue recruiting and training high-quality students. To do this, we need to be able to provide substantial financial support, and the Harry S. Smith Scholarship is one way to attract excellent students to UC Riverside.... Read More


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KQED: Invasive Species on the Rise

Michael Krasny, KQED radio show host, leads the discussion on the increasing number of invasive species in the US. Guests include Bryan Walsh, senior writer for TIME Magazine, David Lodge, director of the Environmental Change Initiative at the University of Notre Dame and Mark Hoddle, director for the Center for Invasive Species and researcher, Department of Entomology at UC Riverside. Read More


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